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Pastor Tracy’s life goal is to help families experience a better life.  Her Proactive Parenting Program is a “must read and apply” type resource for parents.  This parenting resource is packed with fun and easy to use applications.  There is a pull-out manual to leave on your coffee table and use daily with your children.  There is also an additional DVD set that can be ordered to walk through the program with other families in your social circle.  This program has revolutionized families already and yours is next.  Stay tuned for the iPhone and Android app…coming soon.

Pastor Tracy has also written numerous other books that can be found on  Her best seller is called “Live Again.”  This is a book about overcoming loss, and it applies to just about any kind of loss that is holding you back in life.  Pastor Tracy lost her first husband to cancer and helps you see the steps necessary to overcome loss and live a life of victory after your devastating loss.